Meteorismo / Stoned to death, 2017

Mikroton, 2017

Kurt Liedwart & Petr Vrba: Punkt (Mikroton, 2018)

The MoND: Ticha Invaze (Meteorismo / Stoned to death, 2017)

junk & the beast: trailer (Mikroton, 2017)

junk & the beast: eleven breathing iced dogs (Small Forms, 2017)

Krekso featuring Agnes Hvizdalek: Strictly Akustik (Meteorismo, 2017)

Cremaschi / Kepl / Vrba: resonators (Another Timbre, 2016)

Yan Jun & Petr Vrba: with three windows and rain (Kandala Records, 2016)

Poisonous Frequencies: Torschlusspanik (Meteorismo, 2016)

Rouilleux: The Spoils (Unusual Records & Polí 5, 2016)

THE MoND (Stoned To Death, 2016)

Esox Lucius by Franz Hautzinger, Matija Schellander, Isabelle Duthoit, Petr Vrba (Corvo Records, 2015)

Ilia Belorukov & Petr Vrba: Library meeting (Avantwhatever, 2015)

Didi & Pedro: RHIZ (Signals from Arkaim, 2014)

Rouilleux: Scatter your soul (Klangundkrach + Letmo, 2014)

Los Amargados with Susanna Gartmayer (Unusual Records, 2014)

Criticón duo: How to get a cold (Noplyn Records, 2013)

IQ+1 (Polí5, 2013)

2 horses too many (Klangundkrach, 2013)

Criticón duo (Unusual Records, 2013)

Vrba/Cremaschi: Villa K (SFA, 2013)

škvíry a spojenew album (January 2013)

yanagi duo: clinamen (Unusual Records, 2012)

iq+1: tváří v tvář (iq+1, 2011)

Wakushoppu 0+1 (His Voice, 2012)

Meteorismo, 2017

Kandala Records, 2016

Meteorismo, 2016

Unusual Records & Polí 5, 2016

Stoned To Death, 2016

Didi & Pedro: RHIZ 

Signals from Arkaim, 2014

Esox Lucius / Franz Hautzinger, Matija Schellander, Isabelle 
Duthoit, Petr Vrba 

Corvo Records, 2015
300 numbered copies

K&K + Letmo, 2014
HIS voice - Petr Slabý (in czech)

Los Amargados with Susanna Gartmayer 

Unusual Records, 2014
HIS voice - Jan Faix (in czech)
Le son du grisli - Guillaume Belhomme (in french)

Criticón duo: How to get a cold 

Noplyn Records, 2013
UNI - Petr Slabý (in czech)
Le son du grisli - Pierre Cécile (in french)
Just outside - Brian Olewnick (in english)

2 horses too many 
Klangundkrach, 2013

Criticón duo 

Unusual Records, 2013
HIS voice - Jan Faix (in czech)

Vrba / Cremaschi: Villa K 

SFA, 2013

škvíry a spoje: new album 

January 2013
his voice magazine - Jan Faix

yanagi duo: clinamen

unusual records, 2012
his voice magazine - Jan Faix (in czech)

iq+1: tváří v tvář

iq+1, 2011
his voice magazine - Petr Ferenc (in czech)
uni magazine - Alex Švamberk (in czech) 
uni magazine - Petr Slabý (in czech)

Wakushoppu 0+1

His Voice, 2012
Compilation from the Wakushoppu Series.
petr vrba & miroslav posejpal + jana kneschke & michal zbořil
george cremaschi & petr vrba + ava mendoza

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