Boyse (Martin Nábělek / PV)


Balázs Pándi & vrrrbitch (Balázs Pándi / PV)

Triche ! (Matthias Müller / Éric Normand / PV)

TRZASKA / TOKAR / PÁNDI / VRBA (Mikolaj Trzaska / Mark Tokar / Balázs Pándi / PV)


Prague based, well seasoned improvisers Pasi Mäkelä (FIN), Ken Ganfield (USA) and Petr Vrba(CZ) unite forces.  Electric trumpet improv madness, spacey modular synth squeaks and drones with tribal free percussion´s and vocals.

Ken Ganfield: serge synthesizer 
Pasi Mäkelä: percussions, keyboards, vocal
Petr Vrba: electrified trumpet

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TOTH & VRBA: lost songs in four chapters: part no.1 - 11:11:11 from Petr Vrba on Vimeo.


Since May 2010 we have been developing our sound - we let it arise from an aboriginal silence to enter a new silence to be recreated again. Each silence is different in quality influenced by situs, locus, temporality, audience and all other circumstances that are providing our common "here and now".
The line up of this sextet/quintet/quartet is changing according its members and potency of the space we perform in. Sounds are played live, samples are mixed in situ. Free improvisation in our intention means not only the communication between musicians but with the dancer likewise. The body is also an instrument. This is the way how the silence that does not exist, can be created.
Members: Georgij Bagdasarov (turntable, baryton sax),  Veronika Hladká (violin), Jára Tarnovski (analogue synthesizers), Michal Zbořil (analogue synthesizers), PV (trumpet, clarinet)
Kateřina Bilejová (dance)
Exmembers: Jana Kneschke (e-violin), Miroslav Posejpal (cello)

kape: kateřina dietzová / petr vrba

škvíry & spoje

isabelle duthoit / franz hautzinger / matija schellander / petr vrba

george cremaschi / chris heenan / petr vrba

ingrid schmoliner / petr vrba duo

Ingrid Schmoliner – piano, voice


NUN brings assured droning and harmonious melodies that form a cathedral of sound, sculpted by a variety of electronic impulses.

Michal Zbořil: electronics
Petr Vrba: trumpet, electronics



Banausoi is a Czechoslovak musical think thank which combines pioneering mentality of the European free improvisation with the traditional instruments used in nontraditional ways. Banausoi performs in pretty much whatever genre they want at the moment, always improvised and always with love.
Václav Šafka: drums
Petr Vrba: trumpet, clarinet, electronics
Ondrej Zajac: guitar, vocal


Noetinger / Vrba
Jérôme Noetinger, Revox B77, tapes, electronics
Petr Vrba, trumpet, electronics.

In 2019, Jérôme Noetinger was invited to join the PIO (Prague Improvisation Orchestra) and there he met Petr Vrba. The chance of touring and musical excitement created this duo afterwards.
Jérôme Noetinger plays magnetic loops on his Revox B77 to metamorphose the sound captured in the moment of its creation. Petr Vrba works with the trumpet in a very electroacoustic approach with microphones and effects, transforming the instrument into a real generator. Together they reappropriate the keys to this eternal meeting of acoustics and electronics to project us - beyond the performance - into a plasticity of sound and space.

Birgit Ulher: trumpet, radio, speaker, voice changer
Petr Vrba: trumpet, electronics
Two improvisers who relentlessly seek beyond the instrument limitations. Extended techniques, preparations, usage of electronics, that's common base for Birgit and Petr, a duo that came into being after a concert at The NOW now festival in Sydney, whose organisers had the superb idea to make them play together.
Schallschatten album on Inexhaustible Editions label

ErikM & vrrrbitch
ErikM: electronics
Petr Vrba: electronics & trumpet
Sound as a communication platform, music as a full-fledged language through which you can listen to the dialogue of a pair of improvisational talents. French composer and visual artist ErikM, and Czech multi-instrumentalist Petr Vrba aka vrrrbitch, together build detailed electronic compositions that set in motion dynamics close to the language's verbal means from diction, tonality to the extreme position of noise screams of synthesizers and effects.
New CD L’horizon des événements on Tour de bras

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